Clare Heal

Clare Heal

Biographical Info I am a fully qualified Amatsu Orthopath, NLP practitioner, Sports Massage Therapist and former personal trainer. I have been running my clinic for 11 years and am honoured to have been part of many people's journeys back to wellness. The Amatsu Balances I give, facilitate emotional and physical release, to promote general body and mind intergral wellness. My background as an international level trampoline gymnast and senior coach. gained me a lot of knowledge and empathy about movement and physiology. My aim is always to help people achieve their optimal potential in their health and well-being and help people through their journey. I am currently training to run my own Amatsu School which will begin next year. This is a great honour for me and an exciting project!

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Level Qualified Member - Shinden/Kenku/Amatsu Orthopath/Sekkotsu

City Cardiff

Country UK

Address1 Pearl St, Cardiff

Mmber Number 200

Insurance Cert Expiry 2021-04-01

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