Breda Walsh

Breda Walsh

Biographical Info I’m an Amatsu Orthopath who has been receiving Amatsu treatments for over 14 years. At 18 I hurt my lower back and for many years suffered “putting my back out” on average twice a year. Incapacitated for anything up to a week when this happened it had a debilitating affect on my life and my work. Feeling helpless was my biggest challenge and I eventually decided to do anything to change the way things were. Amatsu provided the opportunity for me to take matters into my own hands. I followed the instructions given by my practitioner and over the course of a few years cleaned up my diet, began to move more and introduced a "rain or shine" daily walking routine. I became increasingly aware of the workings of my body and the importance of remaining in correct postural alignment. As a result my life was turned around and dull headaches, candida, sluggish digestion, heart-burn, skin allergies and endless fatigue became a thing of the past. I attend my own practitioner for regular balances and in 2015 I commenced my own Amatsu training. In January 2019 I took a sabbatical from a successful 25 year career in film production, opened my own Amatsu practice and haven’t looked back. In 2019, in keeping with my philosophy that food is medicine, I qualified in Raw Food Mastery at the Plant Based Academy in Dublin and continue to explore how plants offer the fuel, energy and support our bodies crave. In 2019 I also completed a training in Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Therapy and am a fully registered member of the Amatsu Therapy Association (A.T.A.) and R.O.S.T.I. (Register of Orthopaedic Soft Tissue Therapists Ireland). My fascination and curiosity with wellness on a physical, mental and spiritual level is a constant for me and I love to share my knowledge and information with others.

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Level Qualified Member - Shinden/Kenku/Amatsu Orthopath/Sekkotsu

City Dublin

Country Ireland

Address1 8a Merton Park

Mmber Number 273

Insurance Cert Expiry 2022-05-31

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