Donal McCarthy

Donal McCarthy

Biographical Info I have been practicing Amatsu and Massage Therapy at the Rathmichael Clinic in Shankill since 2010. Amatsu is a non-invasive gentle realignment and rebalancing of the body and so is suitable for a wide range of people and difficulties. It works with the body, promoting self-healing. Amatsu restores the body’s ability to heal itself through the gentle movement of soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints etc. I treat muscular and skeletal problems (e.g. joint, postural, nerve and mobility problems), sports and accident related issues, stress problems and other disorders (e.g. arthritis, IBS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia). I have studied with Dennis Bartram, Principle Teacher and Researcher of Amatsu, who was responsible for bringing Amatsu to UK and Ireland with Billy Doolan, and I regularly train and CPD in Ireland and England. I am passionate about continuing learning new techniques and complimentary therapies to help people. I have studied and use various other techniques such as: Trigger Points, Fascia Releasing, Feldenkrais Method, Reiki healing, Total Body Modification, Barral Technique. I am also a Reiki Master and ITEC qualified in Holistic Massage.

Email Address

Level Amatsu Orthopath

City Shankill

County Dublin 18

Country Ireland

Address1 The Rathmichael Clinic

Mmber Number 221

Insurance Cert Expiry 2020-03-01

Insurance Cert

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