Caroline Duperrey

Caroline Duperrey

Biographical Info Caroline Duperrey Amatsu Clinic France 3 rue Garat 64500 Saint-Jean de Luz France Calling from abroad: 00 33 6 15 42 14 89 Calling from France: 06 15 42 14 89 Email: Website: For detailed information refer to website: Level: - Amatsu Orthopath - Master Sekkotsu Practitioner (the most senior level which includes Anma, Setai, Shinden Visceral osteopathy, Kenku Cranial osteopathy and Master level). - Since 2006 Ongoing yearly workgroups/courses as part of the CPD with Dennis Bartram at Amatsu Orthopath and Master Sekkotsu level, UK. - Master Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. - Sports therapeutic massage. - Touch for Health applied Kinesiology. Kinesiology Vie levels for emotional release. - Dr Jean-Pierre Barral's Cardiovascular Visceral Osteopathy France 2014, ; Thermal diagnosis and emotional visceral release, France 2016. Dr Barral’s New manipulative approach of the vertebral column and the pelvis, France 2017. - Anatomy and Mouvement courses with Blandine Calais-Germain: Perineal rééducation and movements specific for the pelvic bowl/floor full extensive course 2014-2016; The Voice: vocal cords, larynx, trachea, thyroid full extensive course 2015-2016; The respiratory system anatomy and respiration cinétique course (diaphragmatic and tidal breathing and concise exercises) 2016. All in France. - Tinnitus Somato-Sensory (internal, medial and external ear) by Frederic Vanpoulle, France 2018. - Paediatric Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy by Nicette Sergueef, France 2018. - Master Orthopathic Academy Master Course with Dennis Bartram, UK 2018. - Manipulations neuro-endocrines viscerales (Latest neuro-endocrine visceral manipulations) with Dr Jean-Pierre Barral, France 2019. Member of: ATA (Amatsu Therapy Association, GB), Democratic Orthopathic council (DOC, GB), FFMBE (Fédération Française Massage Bien-être, France). Practice set up in the UK from 2003 to 2005. Clinic in France and full time in France from 2005 todate. Full time clinic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all year round. Senior well established Orthopath and Amatsu practitioner focusing on physical, emotional, mental and environmental integration for each client and for each individual treatment. Clients include: Newborns, Children, Adults, Pregnancy and Seniors. Based in the south west of France in the Pays Basque, in Saint-Jean de Luz near Biarritz, 5km from the Spanish border. Ongoing Continual Professional Development on a yearly basis to the highest standards. Trilingual: French, English and Spanish. Private French health reimbursement may apply.

Email Address

Level Amatsu Orthopath

City 64500 Saint-Jean de Luz

Country France

Address1 Cabinet Amatsu

Mmber Number 116

Insurance Cert Expiry 2020-03-01

Insurance Cert
Attestation RC PRO.pdf

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