Breda Walsh

Breda Walsh

Biographical Info I’m an Amatsu Practitioner at Shinden level, currently studying and have been attending David McCarthy’s The Amatsu Clinic for over 14 years. At 18 I hurt my lower back and for many years suffered “putting my back out” on average twice a year. I could be incapacitated for anything up to a week when this happened and it had a debilitating affect on my life and my work. Feeling helpless was my biggest challenge and I eventually said to myself that I would do anything to change the way things were. Amatsu provided the opportunity for me to take matters into my own hands. I followed the instructions I was given by my practitioner and over the course of a couple of years cleaned up my diet, began to move more and introduced a "rain or shine" daily walking routine. I became increasingly aware of the workings of my body and the importance of remaining in correct postural alignment. As a result my life was turned around and dull headaches, candida, sluggish digestion, heart-burn, skin allergies and endless fatigue became a thing of the past. For the past 10 years I have attended The Amatsu Clinic at least once a month which keeps me in constant check by ironing out any issues that arise. This has led to my well-being; physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Now in my mid 50s I have more vitality than I had 30 years ago and Amatsu and my healthy lifestyle are the only health insurances I have. My fascination and curiosity with the positive changes I have experienced encouraged me to start my Amatsu training in 2015 which has further enriched my life. I am a fully registered member of the Amatsu Therapy Association and practice in Dublin and south Tipperary.

Email Address

Level Shinden

City Dublin

Country Ireland

Address1 Dublin 12 & Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary

Mmber Number 273

Insurance Cert Expiry 2020-06-01

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